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More than 
1 in 5
people hand or are connected to someone with a disability

Why advertise your venue elsewhere..


Physical access needs account for less than 14% of the disabled user population, which means you may well have a fully accessible business already.


Most of the recommendations received by end users relate to minimal-cost related areas like large print or awareness training.


Imagine the impact of advertising your accessibility to a potential 25% of the UK population and having them recommend your venue to their family and friends.


We are here for end users fundementally, but know that the only way we can achieve high accessibility rates, is to make the offering acceptable to your business..


Your account manager will work with you on the price, we will provide you with demographics and a business case giving feedback on what our end users need from your business ("worth the listing fees alone" NerdsNorthEast), and you get an increase in revenue (approx £30revenue per £1 spent listing with us).







The Midlands & North of England account for approx 
68% of UK users.
Less than 
use wheelchairs

More than
1 in 20
children are registered disabled

of accessibility needs are mobility related
1 in 4
Users said they didn't have a choice where to go before A2D


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Users & Referrers

Rebuy Rates up to 
more likely to buy 
after clicking onto venue than other directories
NO ONE matches A2D for size and disability reviews/ratings